Individual Short Movie

Second grade exercice.

We had to create a short movie of  30 sec - 1 min with 4 - 5 month of work ( with other courses and work to do in the same time ) based on the theme of the Duel.
I wanted to do something big and difficult to do, to improve my skills and force me to go further in my researches.
It was a great challenge, to deal with an open environnement composed of old buildings ( a lot of inspiration from the very over talented artist David Lesperance ), different characters and hardware limitations always too present ; )   .

This work was great for me because I learned a lot by myself to achieve it.

Actually I am not satisfied by the final result, it is too far from what I wanted to show and I failed the visuals effects because of a lack of time. I plan to do it later, when I will get more time and other technologies.

DUEL Romain Trimaille from Bellecour 3D on Vimeo.

Modeling, Animation, Lighting = 3ds Max
Texturing = Photoshop
Renderer = Mental Ray